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The first physical meeting of the PSSAB project took place in Frankfurt, where the German Gymnastic Federation (DTB) hosted the project partners. On 26 May we had a project meeting in the DTB office in Frankfurt, led by Pia Pauly and Herbert Hartmann, where we learned about DTB’s sport system and their programs and initiatives for seniors. The partners also learned a lot about each other’s activities in the field of sports for the elderly through an interactive workshop.


On 27 May the project team traveled by train to Lahr where we attended the regional Landesturnfest event. A key part of the program was the senior gala, in which members of the local elderly presented various activity programs to the audience. During the two-hour show, cha cha cha, a musical fitball ball demonstration, gymnastics, a joy dance with umbrellas and other exciting performances made the audience feel good. It was a real celebration for the seniors, who were able to present their productions practiced diligently and persistently, proving that old age can also be active and joyful.

Before the gala show, we could also listen to a presentation by DTB colleagues about the system for measuring the physical fitness of the elderly. The essence of the system is to get a comprehensive picture of the elderly people’s condition by implementing a series of multi-part exercises, and to be able to offer exercises which are suitable for their physical fitness.

The next project meeting will be held in Budapest by the Hungarian Leisure Sport Association in cooperation with the MAKKA Leisure Sport Association.