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Our Promoting Senior Sport Across Borders (PSSAB) project is reached its final stage in December. After valuable project meetings and study visits, the project team created the final outputs: a promotional video and a leaflet about active aging. 

Numerous studies show that regular exercise and sport are beneficial to health. Yet recent research shows that Europeans are not getting enough exercise, especially in old age. The team of the PSSAB project decided to reflect on this problem and

The content of the output was designed by the project partners, while the production was managed by the project leader Hungarian Leisure Sport Association (HLSA). The main goal was to create easy-to-understand, elderly-friendly materials around the 6 main areas of health enhancing physical activity:

  • Mobility/endurance
  • Movement coordination
  • Balance
  • Muscular strength
  • Flexibility
  • Brain gymnastics

The video was based on the content of the booklet, but it also includes demonstrations of concrete physcal exercises which are recommended for the elderly. The exercises were professionally verified by Kriszta Kovács, the senior trainer of MAKKA Association. English introduction texts were spoken by Ida Morvai, member of MAKKA. while the physical activities were performed by Ágnes Tóth and Tibor Benedek, members of the HLSA’s network.

The booklet was created in 5 languages (English, German, Hungarian, Serbian and Croatian), while the  video was also made in 5 forms with national subtitels in order to have the best local effect.

The local dissemination of the materials has already begun – all partners use their relevant channels for distribution.

Are you interested in our booklet and video? Feel free to share our outputs with elderly people in your environment! 😉

Please see all national versions of the booklet and the video here: