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The „Promoting Senior Sports Across Borders” project is approaching its final stage. After the previous meetings in Frankfurt and Budapest, the representatives of the partner organizations gathered in Belgrade on November 4-5, where we got to know the operation and main programs of the Serbian Sport For All Association (ASFAS), and we also participated in a local senior sport program. During the remaining project period, the focus will be on the development and promotion of communication materials.

The purpose of the meeting in Belgrade was to get to know the organization, structure and operation of ASFAS, as well as to gain insight into the Serbian senior sport life.

On November 4 afternoon, the partners met in the ASFAS office and the president of the association also welcomed the present guests – unfortunately, the German partners could not participate this time due to illness. After that, we heard an interesting presentation about our hosts regarding their operation and approach towards the elderly.

ASFAS is a national umbrella organization of sport for all in Serbia. They are the coordinators of the international Challenge Day, the World Walking Day and Move Week program series, but they also organize other important sports festivals throughout the year.

ASFAS – in cooperation with its member Association Sport for All Belgrade – is organizing the program for Seniors which implies annual exercise program, as well as recreational, cultural and educational contents, intended for senior citizens in nursing homes and in Belgrade municipalities. Outdoor and indoor activities, led by professional trainers, are organized once a week, depending on the weather and in accordance with recommendations of the authorities on air quality in Republic of Serbia. Recreational and cultural contents such as “Day of traditional skills “(archery, cornhole, bachata dance), “Bocce promotion as a recreational activity “are planned once a year, usually for International day of elderly people or during Summer and Winter Sport for All festivals. Educational program for seniors, with expert panels on topics such as „Health-oriented physical activities for the elderly”, followed by walking tours take place at our National Sport for All Congress.

During the second half of the meeting, we reviewed the current tasks of the PSSAB project. Under the leadership of the Hungarian Leisure Sport Association, a promotional video and printed publication are being prepared, the questionable points of which have been agreed upon, so production can begin. After the discussion, the day ended with a pleasant dinner together.

On November 5, we took part in an event visit: representatives of the local senior community invited the partners for a senior walk combined with a pleasant training program at the island of Ada Ciganlija. Unfortunately, the unfavorable weather discouraged many from participating, but we were able to get an idea of ​​the activities with which the Serbian colleagues motivate the elderly. After the program of a few hours, the two-day program ended with a joint lunch.

From now on, the collaboration will continue online. During the remaining project period, the focus will be on the development and promotion of communication materials.